24 May 2019


Juncker endorses Manfred Weber: "I would like to live in a Europe led by Manfred."

20 May 2019

We will create 5 million new jobs

All Europeans deserve a chance, especially our youth. We want to invest in our great European potential through a strategy based on four pillars - find it here!

11 May 2019

Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes and accompany Manfred Weber in his candidacy to become the next President of the European Commission.

04 April 2019

EPP Manifesto - Strong Europe

The Power of WE is strong: joining forces will give us a solid and secure place in the world against our enemies and competitors.

04 April 2019

EPP Manifesto - Smart Europe

The Power of WE is smart: we already have all it takes to pursue our most ambitious goals — we only need to join our ideas, energy and resources.

05 November 2018

I am Manfred Weber

My name is Manfred Weber and I want to open a new chapter for Europe!