When divisions and egoism seem to endanger our European unity, we must remember what we Europeans are capable of achieving when we work together.

In my family, in my village, in my local band and today in the Parliament, I have always felt that when we stand alone, even the strongest of us is weak. Only by standing together can we accomplish great things!

Now we have a choice to make. Will we let those who are trying to divide us tear us apart? Or will we stand up to the challenge, as a community? When I speak to people around the continent, I find a clear answer: Europeans feel and understand the need to stand united.

Europeans are ready to embrace the Power of WE: by bringing our full European potential together, we will be unbeatable. Yes, coming together is, at first, much more complicated than retreating into egoism. But the result is so much better: a combination of our power and not a division of our strength.

  • The Power of WE is strong: joining forces will give us a solid and secure place in the world against our enemies and competitors.
  • The Power of WE is smart: we already have all it takes to pursue our most ambitious goals — we only need to join our ideas, energy and resources.
  • The Power of WE is caring: because when everyone engages, no one is left behind.

Let’s accomplish what Europeans hope and wish for. Let’s put our strength together. Let’s succeed together where every single one of our countries, alone, would fail.

Let’s stand together in Europe and embrace the Power of WE.