10.000 European Border Guards by 2022

"We protect our border and stop illegal migration with 10.000 new Frontex officers by 2022." VIEW MORE
We protect Europe’s external borders. By 2022, we will equip the European Border and Coast Guard with at least 10.000 new officers and the latest technology, including drones, with a direct right of intervention along our common external borders. Only together can we put a definite stop to the cynical business of smugglers and human traffickers, fight illegal migration and help those people in need.

European FBI to fight terrorism and organised crime

"We will create a European FBI to fight terrorism and organised crime." VIEW MORE
By doubling the personnel of Europol and turning it into a European FBI, where joint investigative teams combine all information on offenders and radicalised persons, we will enable our national police forces to catch terrorists before they can carry out a first strike against our citizens and to step up the fight against organised crime. VIEW MORE

Stopping accession talks with Turkey

"We will stop the accession talks with Turkey." VIEW MORE
We will put a stop to Turkey’s accession negotiations. Europe and Turkey should focus on partnership and cooperation in concrete fields — close economic cooperation and the EU-Turkey refugees Statement are successful examples — but Turkey is moving further away from European values. EU membership, therefore, is not an option for Turkey, and negotiations must be stopped.

New Rule of Law mechanism

"We will defend our democracy, independence of judiciary and freedom of press in Europe by establishing a new rule of law mechanism." VIEW MORE
We will let no one undermine our fundamental democratic principles. By establishing a new rule of law mechanism, we will take concrete actions with an effective instrument to protect our rule of law. Only a transparent, independent body, shielded from political pressure and equally assessing all Member States, can ensure that the independence of judiciary, freedom of press and the fight against corruption are upheld in our Union.


European Master Plan against Cancer

"We will launch a European Master Plan to join our forces in the fight against Cancer." Download VIEW MORE
More than 40% of all Europeans will have to face cancer in their lives. By pooling all our talents, knowledge and resources, we can truly join all our forces in the fight against cancer. We want to address what really matters to our citizens, what makes a difference in their lives. By coming together, we can save thousands of Europeans. VIEW MORE

Smart homes for seniors

"We will make sure that elderly people can continue living in their homes thanks to smart housing." VIEW MORE
As they grow older, many people in Europe have to leave their home and move into a retirement home. By combining all our efforts, we can develop smart houses where elderly people can continue to live at home independently and close to their families.

5 million new jobs for our youth

"We will create a Europe where no one is forced to leave their home for economic reasons." VIEW MORE
Our goal is to create 5 million new jobs across the EU in the upcoming years. All Europeans deserve a chance, especially our youth. We want to create new jobs to stop brain drain by investing in our great European potential through a strategy based on four pillars: trade, infrastructure, innovation and our social market economy. VIEW MORE

Cutting over 1.000 outdated regulations

"We will bring Europe back to the people by abolishing over 1.000 outdated regulations and reducing the number of officials for the current tasks of the European Union." VIEW MORE
To reduce the burden of bureaucracy in Europe, we will abolish outdated, unnecessary legislation and, wherever necessary, cut the number of functionaries in EU institutions for the current tasks of the European Union. We will make the system more efficient to ensure it is more accessible and friendly to citizens.


Digital Transition Fund for factory workers

"We will build up a Digital Transition Fund for affected workers that will be partly financed by a Digital Fair Tax, to make sure as well that Internet Giants are contributing to our society." VIEW MORE
By establishing a Digital Transition Fund, we will stand behind our workers to make sure no one is left behind when digital disruptions in the labour market occur. Markets are crucial, but we also believe in the social responsibility of companies. By introducing a Digital Fair Tax, to partly finance this new fund, we will make sure that the Internet Giants of our world, benefitting from our market, also pay their fair share and contribute to our society.

Home-building loans for young families

"We will introduce home-building loans to enable young families to build their own homes." VIEW MORE
Many people in Europe struggle with high rents. By introducing home-building loans financed by the European Investment Bank, we will make sure that young families no longer have to live in their childhood rooms at their parents’ overcrowded flats, but can own their own houses.

Global ban on child labour

"We will enforce a global ban on child labour." VIEW MORE
We want to preserve our values and make the EU a role model for the world: if not Europe, who else can protect children’s rights around the globe? We will ensure that all our fair trade agreements include a ban on child labour clause — and we will enforce it. No one should be allowed to exploit children’s innocence to make a profit.

Ambitious fight on climate change and global ban on single-use plastic

"We will resolutely apply global climate agreements and fight for a global treaty to ban single-use plastic, to prevent our planet from becoming the biggest garbage dump in the universe." VIEW MORE
Climate change threatens the existence of humankind and the future of our children. That is why we will continue honouring the Paris and Katowice agreements and continue building on this ambition. By jointly investing in the development of low-emission aeroplanes, we can revolutionise air transport and be environmental technology leaders. We will not allow our planet to turn into the biggest garbage dump in the universe: as pioneers of clean technologies, we will call for a global treaty to ban single-use plastic.