04 May 2019

European election campaign kick-off of the People’s Party in Austria — Together for a strong, smart and kind Europe!


Strong and motivating campaign start this weekend in Vienna with Federal Party Chairman Sebastian Kurz, ÖVP lead candidate for the European election Othmar Karas, and Secretary of State Karoline Edtstadler along with other friends of the People’s Party. Together with a strong People’s Party team, we also started the hot phase of the European election campaign with our Austrian neighbours.


We must clearly show voters what the vote on 26 May is about. The Christian Democracy of figures like Konrad Adenauer, Alcide De Gasperi, Robert Schuman, Helmut Kohl or Alois Mock is the party of Europe. We ensure stability and prosperity on our continent. The simple answers of the populists, on the other hand, only lead to economic turmoil and political chaos. We do not need another Brexit chaos!


Europe needs a new start, new ideas and courage. We want a Europe of the people, with less bureaucracy, more efficiency and more ability to act. We are not leaving Europe to the radicals on the left and right who want to destroy it, but we will defend Europe and make it better. This is what the EPP and the New People’s Party team stand for — a strong, smart and kind Europe.