14 February 2019


Olá Portugal!


Issues decided at an EU level, such as agriculture and fisheries policies, are exactly the issues people are concerned about: the European elections will be decisive because they have a direct impact on people’s daily lives.


My Listening Tour stop in Portugal showed that, alongside our EPP member parties PSD and CDS-PP, we have a truly European campaign that will bring Brussels back to European citizens. In Europe, we have many politicians who create fear at the national level: they are egoists. I want to send a signal of how much we can achieve when we work together. The future needs a politics of hope: populism is the biggest threat to the EU.


For example, with cancer. If we combine all our research capabilities, we can find an answer to cancer. The University of Porto’s Institute for Research and Innovation in Health is a role model for Europe: researchers know that joining our efforts and complementing basic research with clinical know-how is key to getting results that make a real difference for people. I want to bridge the gap between the politicians and the people of Europe.


My Listening Tour took me to Matosinhos market, where local producers and small-scale fishermen explained the difficulty of competing with supermarkets. Europe is enriched with local producers who work hard to provide consumers with quality products: these labels must be protected and promoted.


My visit to a Port winery in Porto further showed that we can have an open economy while preserving our heritage. Portugal can be proud of its long-standing tradition of trade, boosting its economy and creating jobs.