27 April 2019

A Europe that sticks together

Hallo, Münster!

After visiting Athens, Malaga, Vilnius, Saarbrücken and Strasbourg on my campaign this week, I was looking forward to Münster. In front of around 2,000 guests, and together with the party leaders of both the CDU and CSU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Markus Söder, I started the campaign countdown to the European elections.


CDU and CSU gave a clear sign in Münster of unity and determination: we’re thinking of the future of Europe from the point of view of citizens. We need a strong Europe that provides security — internally and externally. We will only achieve this with a European FBI and better border protection. It is the state authorities who decide who gets in, not the smugglers!


We need a smart Europe that finds intelligent solutions to new problems. We need a European master plan against cancer. In cancer research, we need to pool all EU funds to stop this terrible disease, and someday maybe even cure it.


And we need a kind Europe. A Europe of values ​​that looks back and is proud of its Christian heritage. A Europe that sticks together. Let’s fight for our Europe.


After the event I visited the Münster city centre. Together with Markus Pieper, the Münster area’s CDU MEP, I talked to citizens in the pedestrian zone. Seeking out conversation, listening, really taking in people’s views and concerns — bringing Europe down to earth: this is important to me!