02 May 2019



I want a Europe that is strong, smart and kind. This is what I stand for. This is my mission. I underlined my vision of the future of Europe during the debate on the state of the Union between the EU’s top candidates in Florence.


Security is one of the high priority concerns of our European citizens. Thus, it is of fundamental importance how Europe acts on this issue. First of all, we must protect Europe’s external borders. By 2022, we will strengthen the European Border and Coast Guard with at least 10,000 new border guards and state-of-the-art technology. European citizens need to feel safe. That is why we will also create a European FBI to fight against terrorism and organised crime. Today, we have to create a basis for establishing a European army in the medium term. We must act now to ensure the security of future generations.


Europe is threatened both internally and externally. But we must not forget our most dangerous enemy, which is about to become the number one cause of death in Europe: 40% of us will face cancer in our lives. As President of the European Commission, I will launch a Master Plan to join our forces in the fight against cancer. We want to address what really matters to our citizens, what makes a difference in their lives. Here you can read my Master Plan to fight Cancer.


All Europeans deserve a chance, especially the youth. We will create a Europe where no one is forced to leave his home for economic reasons. Our goal is to create 5 million new jobs across the EU in the upcoming years. Trade is the key for the jobs of the future and the only guarantee we have for a stable world economy.


Climate change threatens the existence of humankind and the future of our children. We will not allow our planet to turn into the biggest garbage dump in the universe: As pioneers of clean technologies, we will call for a global treaty to ban single-use plastic.


As a top candidate, I have met thousands of people over the past several months. I have talked to citizens and listened to their concerns: Our electoral programme was written by and for the citizens of Europe. The EPP is the only party that is providing to European voters a determined candidate, a political direction and a concrete programme. We will establish a European FBI and better external border protection to stop illegal migration, and we will focus on our youth. With my priorities and vision, we will make Europe stronger, smarter and kinder.