04 May 2019

Together we will create a better Europe. Together and full speed ahead to the European elections — for a strong, smart and kind Europe!


After my visit to our EPP friends in Vienna, I continued in the northwest of Germany. I was a guest in Düsseldorf at the state party convention of the CDU North Rhine-Westphalia. I am glad of the tailwind behind Armin Laschet and the CDU NRW for a better Europe, for a Europe that is strong, smart and kind.


We made it clear what the European elections are about: the backward-looking debate of the SPD on the left-wing course of social democracy is not a slip-up. They want a different Europe. We do not want a redistribution by the left and a Europe of debt, but a Europe of the people, of citizens.


This is what I emphasised in the Europacamp of the Junge Union in Hannover together with Tilman Kuban, the Federal Chairman of the JU, and with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. We are holding firm to Europe’s peace project. That’s why I’m fighting for a Europe that offers prospects and opportunities for young and future generations! For a Europe that can make decisions and that works and doesn’t suffocate in bureaucracy and obstacles! For a Europe that is strong, smart and kind — for the benefit of all citizens!


The discussions with the approximately 500 young guests — full of drive, optimism and motivation — strengthen me: together we can create a better Europe! Now full speed ahead to the European elections!