30 May 2019

Striving for a Commission of the People

Working closely in a spirit of togetherness, a new chapter begins for Europe and for European democracy — Thank you very much for your backing and support!


The election results and the high voter turnout have shown that there is a great deal of support for Europe and for European democracy: European democracy is alive! The citizens of Europe want a democratic Europe, a Europe in which their voice is heard, a Europe with a strong Parliament. People want a strong and ambitious Europe in which we work together for a better Europe. That is my mission, my mandate and my promise, and that is why we as the European People’s Party were elected the strongest force in the European Parliament.


The European People’s Party and the EPP Group in the Parliament stand united for a more democratic Europe and for a Europe that is close to the people. As a decisive step in this direction, we are therefore 100 % committed to the lead candidate process.


With the lead candidate process, the citizens of Europe can decide for themselves who should lead the European Union. This is exactly the kind of Europe we need: A Europe with a human face, a Commission for the people and a clear political mandate.


I am deeply grateful for the overwhelming support of our electorate and for the support of the EPP family. Together we will make a better Europe! Together we will create a Europe and a Commission for the people.