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- MY AIM -

I want to give Europe back to the people. I want a Europe where the people of all countries shape a better future together. My Europe is a Europe of common dreams and joint achievements.


Since 2014 I am Chairman of the largest political group in the European Parliament. Thanks to the unity of our group, many of our key ideas have become law: we have pushed through vital new rules on air passenger records, to step up the fight against terrorism; we initiated a new mechanism to suspend visa-free travel in case of emergency situations; and we proposed free Interrail tickets for all 18-year-olds, so they can discover and experience the beauty of our continent. The recent proposal to recruit 10,000 additional Frontex border and coast guards to protect our common borders was also led by our Group. Based on the EPP Group’s record of unity and strength under my leadership, I was honoured and thankful to be re-elected as Chairman in 2016, with 98% of the vote, so we could continue to build a better Europe together.


An engineer by trade, I started two successful companies after my studies. Guided by the values of Christian democracy, I have been active in politics from an early age. Deeply rooted in rural Lower Bavaria, I first won a seat in the Bavarian Parliament at the age of 29. Today I am Vice-President of Bavaria’s CSU, the third-largest party in Germany. I live with my wife in a small village in Lower Bavaria, and I am active in various Catholic lay organisations.


In November 2018, my EPP political family gathered in Helsinki to choose one of two candidates to carry forward the EPP’s vision for Europe. I had the honour to be elected with an overwhelming majority as the EPP’s Lead Candidate for President of the European Commission.


As President of the European Commission, I will bring people together for a strong, democratic and secure Europe.

Curriculum Vitae

1972, in Niederhatzkofen, Germany

Civil status



Roman Catholic

Military service

Professional career

Founder of two firms in the field of environmental management, quality management and occupational safety

Political career

2014 – Present: Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament (www.eppgroup.eu)

2009 – 2014: Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament

2006 – 2009: Home Affairs Spokesman of the EPP-ED Group in the European Parliament; Member of the Bureau

2004 – Present: Member of the European Parliament, (www.europarl.europa.eu); former substitute Member of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and the Committee on Regional Development

2002 – 2004: Member of the Bavarian State Parliament / Bayerischer Landtag (www.bayern.landtag.de)

2002 – Present: Member of Kelheim District Council (www.landkreis-kelheim.de)

2015 – Present: Vice-President of the CSU Party (www.csu.de/partei/vorstand); Member of the Bureau (since 2009); and the Executive (since 2003)

2009 – 2014: Chairman of the CSU Committee on the Future of Bavaria (www.csu.de/partei/parteiarbeit/kommissionen/zukunftskommission/ueber-uns/)

2008 – 2016: CSU District Chair in Lower Bavaria (www.csu-niederbayern.de)

2003 – 2007: Chairman of the Junge Union Bayern (Youth Section of the CSU) (www.ju-bayern.de)

What are the crucial factors that have shaped my personal journey?

FAMILY: Family is the most important school of life. As the second oldest of three sons, I practiced assertiveness and teamwork from my earliest days. In 2002, I married my wife. My family is my ultimate retreat.

HOMELAND: While I enjoy working at the European level and thinking in a European manner, I am deeply rooted to my homeland. In July 1972, I was born in the district of Landshut. After kindergarten in Pfeffenhausen, I was enrolled in school in Wildenberg in the district of Kelheim. My educational path led me from the elementary school in Wildenberg via the middle school in Siegenburg and the secondary school in Rottenburg to the specialised secondary school in Landshut. During my voluntary work at the KLJB (Catholic Rural Youth Movement) – as a trumpet player in the church brass instrument group – and my contribution to village life, I gained vital life experience. For me, my home is my identity.

MUSIC: From my second year of secondary school, I have played guitar. Together with my friends I formed a band, in which I was involved in for almost twenty years. Our gigs at dancing events, festivals and carnival balls meant so much to me, and provided a wonderful life experience.

FAITH: Weekly church attendance is no duty for me; rather it is an enriching and spiritual experience. Christianity enriches my life, inducing a sense of continuity and stability in an increasingly fast-paced world. In the past, I regularly spent time in monasteries to foster spirituality and gain renewed momentum.

Establishing a company, being my own boss – I was already dreaming of this during my Physical Technology studies at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Environmental protection was, and still is, central to me. The study field of Technical Environmental Protection made it possible to pursue my interest in future technologies. This niche between biology, environmental protection and business administration continuously fascinates me.

After graduation in 1996, I founded my first company together with a partner; some years later a second one followed, in the field of environmental and quality management as well as work safety.

Today, both companies are no longer in my possession. I fully concentrate on my political tasks.

Since 2004, I represent, as a Member of the European Parliament, the voice of the 1.2 million inhabitants of Lower Bavaria. Personally, practicing politics at the European level represents the ultimate platform.

Unsalaried political work provided a practical political base: at the age of 16, I became politically active. From 2003 to 2007, I had the pleasure to lead and shape the Junge Union (Young Christian Democrats) as Regional Chairman – the first Lower Bavarian in history.

At the age of 29, I became the youngest member of the State Parliament of Bavaria – first as a substitute, then, in 2003, directly via the CSU list in Lower Bavaria. Subsequently, I became a Member of the European Parliament.